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Arca is the pseudonym of shapeshifting Venezuelan artist, singer, DJ, performer, and experimental music composer Alejandra Ghersi, a visionary of a new world where vulnerability is the powerful source of explosive energy. With brutal frankness and daring sincerity, her music and performative acts work to destabilise binaries and resist categorisation, instead proposing a third way that incorporates both playfulness and sensitivity. Arca is a mutant being (“Mutant” being the title of her second album), engaged in an unending Möbius strip of interrelation between herself and what surrounds her. As a producer, her work has already infected artists such as Björk, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West, whose albums she collaborated on.
In a unique event, BoCA hosts a meeting with Arca, who will share her thought-provoking work and discuss the intersections between artistic creation, music, and performance.

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