New Creation – Theatre
“A Tralha”

Capicua is the name of the artist, rapper and author whose feminine voice is powerful in its sensibility and critique of politics and society. In permanent self-reinvention and always searching for new formats – her show “
Mão verde” (“Green Hand”) (2015), conceived around sing-alongs and aimed at helping children become aware of nature and natural products, is just one example -, this year’s biennial marks her debut in theatre. “A Tralha” (“Junk”) is a quasi-monologue about hoarding. An essay about waste and obsoleteness, presented as a personal narrative. A reflection about the objects that surround us, that serve as a kind of extension of ourselves, containing our memories and functioning as an interface between us and the world. It is about the objects we manipulate and with which we draw daily choreographies within our spaces and routines. About the things in which we drown, on a planet that is inundated by plastic that we think of as disposable but is, in reality, indestructible. About the things that are heavier than what we can carry. An emotional dissertation that begins with the story of a man that is left alone during the long months of isolation, surrounded by inert matter, junk and memorabilia. A show written by Capicua, with body and voice by Tiago Barbosa and poetic interventions by other authors.


Writing, direction, performance: Capicua
Co-creation and performance: Tiago Barbosa
Music: Pedro Geraldes
Visual collaboration: Maria Trabulo
Production: BoCA
Coproduction: Teatro Viriato
Support: DG Artes, Fundação GDA
Artistic residencies: CRL – Central Elétrica, mala voadora
Partners: CML / EGEAC, in the context of Lisboa na Rua’21

“A Tralha” is a commissioned project by BoCA Biennial of Contemporary Arts 2021


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