National Premiere – Performance
“Um buraco do tamanho do teu toque” (A hole the size of your touch)

“How does touch manifest in our bodies and what traces does it leave on an encounter?” André Uerba explores the different dimensions of touch, its properties, qualities and complexities.

Through deceleration, inhibition of the sense of sight and a kinetic and somatic approach to the body and its movement, André Uerba and the performers explore different ways to get to know and feel each other. Bodies that meet, coordinate and communicate non-verbally – opening a space that is understood as political – in an urgency to find spaces to care for the body, exploring listening zones which are not guided by the mind. André Uerba proposes a return to the body, to the pulse of nature.

Understood as a choreographic reflection that intertwines touch and proximity, this project is a performative event – the progress of the research on touch begun in 2019 in the context of Flutgraben Performances and the artistic residency at radialsystem in 2021, both in Berlin. “Um buraco do tamanho do teu toque” (“A hole the size of your touch”) is a research-performance hybrid that is expanded in this presentation at BoCA.

Concept, artistic direction, light and sound design: André Uerba
Performers: Augusto Amado, Beatriz Dias, Cátia Leitão (aka Alface), Miguel Nunes, Silvana Ivaldi
Artistic residencies: Radialsystem Berlin, Flutgraben Performances, Estúdios Victor Córdon
Executive production: Short Hope
Financial support: Fundação GDA
Co-production: BoCA
Support: MNAC

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