Live broadcasts of short-term performances commissioned by BoCA, designed through the relational body-camera-home device. A relationship is proposed around our current state of confinement and the artistic languages ??mediated by the camera. The performances are live on the BoCA Bienal YouTube channel. Every Saturday until at least the 30th of June 2020.


25 APR: Odete, 19h
Performance: “Excuse me, miss, their history was always a matter of technique” (2020) Followed by conversation with John Romão

“History is not the past. It is the stories we tell about the past. How we tell these stories – triumphantly or self-critically, metaphysically or dialectally – has a lot to do with whether we cut short or advance our evolution as human beings. ” Grace Lee Boggs

Odete works among the mediums of writing, music, performing arts and visual arts. With an autobiographical tone, he mixes the intimate and the political, questioning the concept of belonging, of trans narratives and ways of making sadness, fragility and “failure” visible as political powers. In the performance he conceives for the BoCA Online cycle, Odete uses fiction to question the historical mechanisms of narrative construction and legitimation: ”, He explains. “I decide to lie about history and archeology using the same techniques and tools that time has revealed as producing truths, and the past then becomes a political strategy to enroll those who are not in it so that the future can move beyond order of things that some have defined as our ancestry. ”

Odete develops a body of work based on the intersection of various disciplines (performing and visual arts, music and writing). He attended ACE – Interpretation (2010-2013), Porto and graduated in General Studies – minors in visual and performing arts (2014-2017), University of Lisbon. He has worked with masterclasses and workshops with artists such as Trajal Harrell, Vânia Rovisco, Prof. Gerald Siegmund or Marcelo Evelin. He has performed several performances and exhibitions since 2015 and his musical work has spread all over Europe, from Berghain (Berlin) to Subaccultcha (Amsterdam) or Boiler Room. He released three EPs, the last being released by the London label New Scenery.



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