Crinabel Teatro is a collective that has been in existence for 30 years at Crinabel, a cooperative for special needs education. They develop artistic projects with young people with mental disabilities, seeking to explore the full range of their artistic, personal, and social skills. This singular and pioneering project has asserted its importance in Portugal and abroad, having participated in several European projects in Italy, Spain, and England, and toured internationally. In addition to the creative projects developed in the collective, members of the group have increasingly participated in other artistic projects in film, theatre, and television.

Marco Paiva

Marco Paiva studied Acting at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon. In 2008 he completed the European training course École des Maîtres, led by Brazilian director Enrique Dias (Cia. dos Atores). As an actor, he has collaborated with Comuna, Teatro de Pesquisa since 2006. He has worked with other institutions such as Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Teatro O Bando, Teatro da Trindade, Mala Voadora, Culturgest, and Teatro Municipal São Luiz. He has worked with directors such as João Ricardo, João Mota, Emmanuel Demarcy?Mota, Enrique Diaz, Álvaro Correia, Jorge Andrade, and Alex Cassal. He has staged plays by Franz Kafka, Gogol, Ionesco, and Pirandello, among others. In film he has worked with Miguel Martí, Joaquim Leitão, João Pedro Rodrigues, Dinis Costa, Edgar Pêra, and José Fonseca e Costa. He is artistic coordinator of Crinabel Teatro since 2008.