BoCA of Os Espacialistas / Masterclass at Lisbon’s Fine Arts Faculty

13 February 2020

A BoCA de Os Espacialistas / Masterclass
with presentation by John Romão

DEC 13 2019 / 6pm
Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa / Room 4.15
Free entrance

BoCA continues the partnership together with the Lisbon’s Fine Arts Faculty / Universidade de Lisboa, with the program “BoCA of” in which we invite artists to speak about their work and to share their creative experience in the context of BoCA. All the artists we invite did or will do an artistic project produced by BoCA.

The Portuguese architects collective Os Espacialistas will present their work and will focus in the collaborative project developed together with the Portuguese writer Gonçalo M. Tavares and commissioned by BoCA Bienal in 2019, “Os Animais e o Dinheiro” [Animals and Money].

This performance-conference was presented at the Teatro da Trindade (Lisbon), Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli (Porto), Teatro Circo (Braga) and, more recently, took part in an international extension of BoCA in Latin America, with presentations in Centro Cultural San Martin (Buenos Aires / Argentina) and Matucana 100 (Santiago de Chile / Chile).