The 1st week of BoCA marked by world and national premieres in performance, theater, dance and visual arts

13 September 2023

It was on Saturday, 02.09, that we were finally able to get to know the 4th edition of BoCA. Now we’re heading into the second week of the programme, without first highlighting and reliving the installations, performances and encounters we experienced on the first days of the biennial in Lisbon and Faro.

Week 02.09-10.09 with: Gabriel Chaile, Héctor Zamora, Batukadeiras X, Tiago Cadete, Neusa Trovoada, João Melo / Glantosz, Rita GT, Héctor Zamora, Salomé Lamas, Cláudio da Silva, Carolina Dominguez, Pedro Paiva, João dos Santos Martins, Ana Jotta, Joana Sá, Filipe Pereira, Gaya de Medeiros and Marcus Lindeen.